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Look and feel your best again, using advanced combinations of bio-engineered human growth factors – the natural way to regenerate, repair, and improve the appearance and health of skin and hair.

Clinically proven to work without side effects

Our state-of-the-art approach, combining the right types of human growth factors in the right amount, has been tested and proven to deliver the results you want to see. Naturally helps improve cell regrowth!

In Sync with Your Body

You lose stem cells that produce growth factors as you age. As a result, cells aren’t able to repair and rebuild themselves like they did before. We bio-engineer human growth factors and use them in a highly targeted way, like your body would, to repair and rebuild cells naturally.

Track Record of Success

SkinGenuity is dedicated to developing novel, safe, yet highly effective products that target common dermatologic conditions. Our current collection for skin and hair grew out of our work creating the world’s leading scar treatment.

Used and endorsed By Health Care Professionals

SkinGenuity products are made for use in-home and in clinical settings. Health professionals, including doctors, use SkinGenuity to treat patients, often following invasive procedures to improve skin.

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SkinGenuity is leading the evolution in skin and hair regeneration.

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