uses advanced Inter-Cell Messengers to help repair, regenerate and improve hair growth and prevent additional hair loss. The hair restoration protocol involves a patient in-clinic visit for microneedling or micro channeling the Regeneration Solution into the scalp, with the ability to continue application at home for long-term results.


Current hair treatments available today are very expensive or don’t focus on the root cause of the hair loss. The SkinGenuity Hair Restoration System’s ICM Technology awakens dormant hair follicles with focused and targeted Growth Factors. When applied to the scalp, they assist with the stimulation of the follicles. The special formulation of  ingredients including Growth Factors, botanicals and essential oils, restores the hair  — and patient confidence.


Pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss. It is thought to affect around half of all men by the age of 50 and usually starts around the late 20s and early 30s.

The condition is hereditary and thought to be caused by oversensitive hair follicles that react to a by-product of the hormone testosterone. Women can suffer from pattern baldness as well, but it tends to be less severe and occurs later in life. It can be equally distressing for both men and women.

Real Results with the SkinGenuity Hair Restoration System

A Powerful Combination of Growth Factors

The SkinGenuity Hair Restoration System contains 11 targeted Growth Factors that signal stem cells in the hair follicle to stimulate growth, minimize cellular death and combat baldness.


The SkinGenuity Hair Restoration System includes our in-clinic Regenerative Solution and microchanneling products, as well as an at home kit for the patient.

SkinGenuity Hair Restoration Home Kit is a unique system developed to enhance in-clinic hair restorative procedures. This system combines Human Growth Factors responsible for stimulating stem cells that control hair growth, and a botanical solution proven clinically to help with hair restoration. The Growth Factors are applied through a MicroFusion Applicator, very tiny needles that help penetrate the solution through the scalp to go directly to where it is needed. The botanical solution is applied through a no-mess hair brush applicator delivering the solution directly to your scalp. This combination has shown to be very effective as a stand alone hair restorative treatment, or to improve in-clinic procedures. It is also extremely effective at maintaining results after any hair restorative procedure.

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