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“I suffered from constant irritation and recurring infections. My doctor recommended V-Health. The change has been radical. I’m very grateful and happy with the results!”

Katherine F.

“With the onset of menopause, I’ve had a lot of vaginal dryness, burning, and infections. I went to my gynecologist who recommended trying V-Health. I’ve been using it for six months, and the truth is, all of those symptoms have improved tremendously. I’m very happy  with the product.”

Humira C.

“Due to the use of contraceptives, I had symptoms like dehydration, itching, burning, and sometimes infections. So I went to my gynecologist who told me about V-Health. Since then, I’ve noticed an improvement. The dryness is gone. Now I have deep hydration, and I haven’t had any infections. The itching has disappeared, too. I really recommend this product. I’ve been using it for more than 6 months, and it’s still effective.”

Rosa M.

“I had symptoms from menopause, and they’ve improved a lot with V-Health. I’ve been able to avoid a lot of infections, and it has improved hydration. I’ve used it for quite a while with excellent results.”

Ana S.

“Hi. V-Health was very good for my vaginal dryness. I’ve had tremendous improvement.”

Diana C.

Physician Testimonials

“I have used V-Health for several years and can wholeheartedly report that it has tremendously impacted my patients and practice in a positive manner. In the past, I could only offer my patients estrogen therapy or energy based treatments. I have several patients that either were not candidates for estrogen therapy or simply did not desire to use hormones in any form. Of those patients, many either were concerned with the FDA warnings around the energy based interventions or simply could not afford the treatments. My patients have reported improved sexual functioning, decreased pain and discomfort as well as being more satisfied with the appearance of the vulvar area. I have even had patients husbands reach out to me. One husband thanked me for ‘giving him his wife back.’  It has been very easy to purchase product and deal with the company.  I wholeheartedly endorse the product.”

Dr. Regina Hill, OB-GYN

“I have been using V-Health on my patients with Genital Urinary Syndrome for several years now with excellent results. Patients have experienced excellent improvement in lubrication and comfort. I especially recommended it for menopausal patients who don’t wish to or can’t use hormones or estrogen.”

Dr. Patricia Valencia, OB-GYN

“V-Health is a sensational product. It’s a treatment for improving lubrication and helps patients with laser treatments and in patients with menopause where you find vaginal atrophy. My patients are quite pleased with the treatments. The majority of patients apply it in the intimacy of their homes. It works perfectly well and I recommend it a lot.”

Dr. German Gonzalez, Aesthetic Gynecologist

“I’ve had patients who tried V-Health, and the results have been excellent. It improved vaginal function, hydration, and their sex life. I prescribe V-Health for patients with symptoms of Genital Urinary Syndrome brought on by menopause and for amminostetic patients post partum. They have all stated that the product is excellent for the symptoms such as dryness, lubrication, and reduction in the bacterial vaginosis.”

Dr. Alejandro Rodrigues, OB-GYN

“Started using SkinGenuity VR in April 2019 with test subjects. Has now treated 60 patients.

As an advanced female pelvic surgeon, I face the social and sexual consequences of urogenital atrophy, everyday with my patients.  The possibility to have a non hormonal compound such as SkinGenuity VR makes them feel empowered and have different options that are effective and easy to use.  I definitely add SkinGenuity to all my protocols of urogenital health. 

My patients report after treatment a huge improvement of most of the bothersome symptoms of luts such as pain, dryness, urinary urges, itchiness and discharge.”

Dr. Pablo Gonzalex Isaza, OB-GYN

“V-Health is a very good product. It provided improved lubrication.”

Dr. Sandra Patricia Arias

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